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What is it?

Sweet Treats is a unique project set up by Friends of Foxwood the Charitable Trust of Foxwood Academy.

We have developed a genuine work environment with education and training facilities on site. The shop is managed and run by the students at Foxwood Academy with additional support from young people with learning difficulties and disabilities in mainstream schools and other local providers. This provides an opportunity to develop real employment skills in a retail environment supported by school based staff.


Why open a shop?

It is closely linked to our plans for improving the employment prospects of our young people on leaving school.

Our research shows that providing students with a continued long term employment prospects training has a wider, longer and more effective impact than a short term work placement. This is something we are addressing through this project.

We strongly believe that giving young people with learning difficulties the responsibility for all aspects of management and operation of the shop will improve their work place skills and provide an essential, long term experience that will really make a difference to their job prospects in the future. We know that this project will provide our young people with the opportunity to improve their communication skills, numeracy and literacy skills, management competencies, self-confidence and genuine sense of achievement in a real workplace.

We also believe that this venture will improve the understanding of the wider community about what students with learning difficulties and disabilities can achieve and promote wider social inclusion.

Our young people have had a huge input into the retail outlet development including its design, brand image and product range. It is their aspirations and wishes which have driven this project forward and we know that they will make it a resounding success in the future.



We believe that young people who have learning disabilities will have the skills that are of real benefit to employers. Our students want to make a positive contribution to their communities; all they need is the opportunity. All too often their energy goes untapped and their aspirations are left unmet. We believe that this venture will give our talented and motivated students the opportunity to develop transferable workplace skills that will make a real difference to their future, particularly those wishing to make a successful transition into paid employment.